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Sept. 23, 2018

Everyday Buddhism 14 - Protesting? What's in Your Mind?

The First "Ask Me Anything" Response to a Listener's Question

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Sept. 4, 2018

Everyday Buddhism 13 - Right Effort: Joyful Balance

Adjusting Habits for Natural Joy, Not Perfection

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Aug. 26, 2018

Everyday Buddhism 12 - MORE Koans: Bringing Them Into the Everyday

Koans as Part of An Everyday Awareness Practice

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Aug. 20, 2018

Everyday Buddhism 11 - Koans: Reaching the Limit of Thought

Jumping into the Void of I Don't Know

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Aug. 12, 2018

Everyday Buddhism 10 - Right Livelihood is What You Think About What …

It's Not WHAT You Do, But What You Think About What You Do

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Aug. 5, 2018

Everyday Buddhism 9 - Right Action is not REaction

Sometimes NOT acting is the best possible action … the RIGHT Action

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July 28, 2018

Everyday Buddhism 8 - Mindfulness Discussion with Meg Salter

The author of "Mind Your Life" joins me to discuss mindfulness

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July 22, 2018

Everyday Buddhism 7 - Right Speech: "Zip It!"

Talking! We're Always Talking!

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July 14, 2018

Everyday Buddhism 6 - Got Intention? AKA How to Be Less of a Jerk

In this podcast we're going to talk about "Right Intention" or how to be less of a jerk. Trying to be less of a jerk requires action ... not just thinking. We typically have trouble self-correcting, because we do things …

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July 7, 2018

Everyday Buddhism 5 - Discussion with Noah Rasheta

A Crisis of Faith and Getting Comfortable with Uncertainty

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June 30, 2018

Everyday Buddhism 4 - What Does Buddhism Say About...?

The Buddhist Answer to Everything

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June 21, 2018

Everyday Buddhism 3 - The Slippery Self

Loosening Your Identification with Troublesome Concepts of "Self"

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June 18, 2018

Everyday Buddhism 2 - What is Your WHY?

This episode is about finding your WHY. How do you feel about your life? Is it motivated by a big story, something bigger than yourself and your own little ego-driven, perceived wants and needs? The Buddha offered his followers an …

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June 18, 2018

Everyday Buddhism 1 - Be an Insider

In the first podcast episode of Everyday Buddhism: Making Everyday Better we'll talk about what it means to be an "insider." The Tibetan word for Buddhist is called Nangpa. Nangpa means “insider.” Everything in our lives is about how we …

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