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Jan. 15, 2020

Everyday Buddhism 37 - Pragmatic Buddhism with Ken McLeod

Everyday Buddhism 37 - Pragmatic Buddhism with Ken McLeod

Approaching Buddhist Practice So the Answers Reveal Themselves

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Join me for a special episode and conversation with Ken McLeod, author, translator, and teacher of Tibetan Buddhism. Ken and I talk about his innovative approach to teaching and writing about traditional Buddhist texts and practices. I reached out to Ken because I connected on a deep level to the material in his books and in the written and audio presentations on his website,

Ken McLeod's ability to accomplish a sort of direct pointing to a knowing experience beyond the words and conceptual understanding was a rare find in my experience with other books and talks on Tibetan Buddhist texts. That is what I wanted to introduce to my podcast audience.

Whether you're new to Buddhism, just intrigued, or a long-time practitioner, spending some time with Ken's work will shake off the worries of whether you understand the words and transport you directly into the answers.

Books by Ken McLeod:

An Arrow to the Heart: Second Edition

Wake Up To Your Life: Discovering the Buddhist Path of Attention

Reflections on Silver River

A Trackless Path

The Great Path of Awakening: The Classic Guide to Lojong, a Tibetan Buddhist Practice for Cultivating the Heart of Compassion