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April 10, 2022

Everyday Buddhism 69 - Thoughts on the Loss of My Teacher - Rev. Koyo Kubose

Everyday Buddhism 69 - Thoughts on the Loss of My Teacher - Rev. Koyo Kubose

Special Replay with Personal Intro in Honor of Rev. Koyo Kubose

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My teacher, mentor, and friend, Rev. Sunnan Koyo Kubose passed away suddenly last month. In his honor, I'm replaying Episode 20, a special interview with him, as the first of a series of episodes dedicated to honoring my teachers. It is through Bright Dawn and my Sensei, I learned how to bring Buddhism into the everyday.

Listen as we discuss what the Bright Dawn Center of Oneness Buddhism and its Lay Ministry program is all about, from Rev. Koyo's perspective ... its historical influences, its mission, vision, and special niche as a program bringing the Dharma to everyone in an ordinary, everyday way.

We'll talk about the balance of gratitude, humility, ambiguity, uncertainty, perfect studentship, and — most importantly — naturalness, in Bright Dawn and it's lay ministers, as they bring the Dharma to everyone.

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And books from Rev. Koyo Kubose and Rev. Gyomay Kubose:

Bright Dawn: Discovering Your Everyday Spirituality

Everyday Suchness: Buddhist Essays on Everyday Living

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