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May the Force be with Wendy

I practice Jediism which incorporates Buddhism and Taoism. I’m on episode two and already I love Wendy and her teachings and I am excited to learn more from her wise and open personality. Thank you Wendy I’m excited to learn May the Force be with you.

Wonderful Podcast

Wendy’s podcast discusses real life issues and how they intersect with the spiritual in a practical and compassionate, often humorous and light hearted way. It is very approachable and engaging, appropriate for all levels of practitioners and those from different faiths as well looking to connect at the heart over universal human experience.

Wendy is the best!

I love this podcast- it is friendly, encouraging, relatable, and even funny. Wendy is delightful and I’m grateful for her teachings and perspectives. Thank you!

Great inspiration!

I'm a Christian but have been wanting to apply Buddhism to my life for that little extra perspective and oomph! I tried a few podcasts, but this one was perfect from the get go--it was encouraging, enlightening, easy to understand (as a beginner), and left me wanting to keep listening. Wendy, thank you for not only being unbiased and informative, but revealing Buddhism in a non-judgmental and easy way to understand. <3 Jonathan

Poignant & Real

I am new to the whole concept and principles. Easy to understand. Impactful and relevant to the modern world.

Love this podcast

Newcomer to buddhism. Love it. Could not ask for better!

Incredibly helpful.

I really have enjoyed this podcast. I began listening when the COVID-19 virus became present in the US as for my anxiety towards work, health, etc. started to rise. I hadn’t been actively practicing mindfulness and Buddhism as regularly as would have liked. I started looking for podcasts to help guide me to get back on track. I am so glad I came across this one! I love Wendy’s take on Mindfulness. She keeps things simple and easy to follow but still formulates really powerful messages that can be applicable to every day life. I make a point every morning to sit down and take in one episode with my coffee. Great way to start off the day. Thanks for your work Wendy! It has really helped me get through!

No words

I can not express how lucky I am to have found your podcast. For a long time I was searching for a show that was real, genuine and open to Buddhism and every day struggles. You are amazing and your words of wisdom are on point. I myself am studying Buddhism and try my best to be at peace and kind. Yes it is hard as I am hard on myself. But your first few episodes made me think that trying my best is enough and I can take it day by day. I have shared your show with those that seek my advice and guidance as I teach others about crystals and the teaching of Buddhism. I mean I'm no master but I share what I've learned and it makes me so happy to see how that's made them happy. I'm definitely buying your book! Love that you're a woman and a Buddhist. I have someone to look up to. I've got my girlfriend well now fiance and our son who's 10 listening to you on a daily. You're simply amazing. Blessings and hugs.


Thanks, Wendy, for feeding us little bits at a time that we can weave into our daily lives. The more aware we are, the better we understand one another. I am a newbie (episode 13 is up next) and loving it so far!

Great work!

Thoughtful podcast on current issues. I really enjoy All episodes. My only perspective criticism is the interviews feel uncomfortable at times. I can’t pin down why but if I took a stab at it, I would say to allow the guest to talk more.

Just what I needed!

Thank you for taking time to share your knowledge with such practical language and easy to follow explanations. I’ve been studying Buddhism on and off for years, and your lessons are right up there with some of the best (i.e. Pema). :)

Exactly what I needed!

I am beyond appreciative to have found your podcast! I have a hard time retaining information from books the way I can absorb it from someone’s vocal explanation & your podcast feels like having a conversation with someone I can learn so much from. I needed this in my life & with just what I’ve learned from your first two podcasts you’ve already helped bring a calm to the chaos I was feeling earlier today! Thank you!

Love it!

Honestly, life is tough and lately things have been kind of rough for me, but this podcast gives me hope, helps me keep going, and literally makes my everyday life better.

It’s worth trying!

I’m a new Buddhist and was looking for books, writings, podcasts, videos, etc. to help me get started.. and THIS IS IT! This is exactly what i was looking for. Her voice is soothing and calming, and doesn’t make me uncomfortable. She walks you through practices and backs it up with examples and really gets down to the smallest ideas and concepts of Buddhism. It’s definitely worth giving it a shot.

Makes my commute more meaningful

I love listening to this podcast on my long drives to work. Wendy makes Buddhist concepts relevant to the daily practice of life. She serves as a catalyst for personal growth and fulfillment. Thanks, Wendy, for your insight and wisdom!


This Podcast has all five star ratings for a reason. Wendy Haylett’s talents in explaining Buddhism philosophy and relating it to every day life really shines through in this podcast. She is so knowledgeable and easy to listen to and understand. I have been a podcast listener for over four years and have listened to a variety of podcasts from health shows to self-help and I have only written a few reviews. With that said, I absolutely LOVE her podcast so much I was compelled to write a review. I’m looking forward to future episodes. I strongly urge anyone looking to live a more fulfilling life by understanding more about yourself to check out her episodes in order and become a subscriber. I have listened to all episodes so far and I can tell you they are chock full of lessons you can apply to your everyday life. There are not a lot of women Buddhist teachers recording podcasts. Although it doesn’t matter whether you are male or female, you will all learn something from her. From my standpoint, being a female, I truly resonated with a lot that Wendy has to offer. I know Wendy has plans to supplement this podcast through her website so stay tuned! Thank you Wendy for all you are doing with sharing your gifts with us. 🙏🏼


Podcast relates theory and praxis so well. Effective, inspiring, empathetic.


Found you through Secular Buddhist...enjoyed your interview with Noah and your 1st podcast. Your podcast feels like a great match for me as I’m go thru my journey within myself for myself to eliminate ignorance to find freedom! Thanks! Brett

So relatable

Love this. Super relatable content. I like the emphasis on how these concepts are hard, which is why we need to practice them. It feels helpful without being judgmental.

Great Podcast!

I am a huge fan of this podcast! I look forward to it every week. It is a fun listen and there are many great lessons for everyday life.

Always room for more!

Wendy and Everyday Buddhism are a welcome addition to the plethora of podcast choices. Her teachings are smart and simple and relevant and real. Great new podcast and I plan to keep listening.

Solid guidance, wisely shared

This podcast is great! Wendy Shinyo Haylett is warm, open, and wise. She understands people - and unlike so many teachers today, she admits to being one of us! Wendy is so approachable and she teaches from a place of humility and humor. Leave behind the new-age, magical thinking fluff, pull up a chair, and get comfortable because Wendy offers real guidance for real people facing real everyday challenges.