Everyday Buddhism: Making Everyday Better

There is wonder and peace in living in the here and now and listening to Wendy.

There really aren’t words to describe how beneficial this podcast series has been for me. I suffer from a serious anxiety disorder and the tools that I’ve been able to put in my emotional tool kit that I’ve learned from Wendy and from her guest speakers has helped me live a much more engaged and peaceful life.
There’s such an emphasis in our society on worrying about what’s happened in the past or what laserhead in an increasingly trouble future. Taking time to listen to this podcast and really focus on the here and then now and being mindful has been such a beautiful eye-opener for me. Wendy’s teaching style is approachable, warm, and resonates in your heart and your mind which is an easy. She is humble, and is not only a lifelong learner but a passionate and dedicated teacher. I’m grateful to call her a friend and a sensei and am deeply grateful for the good work she is doing.

Jenn Renyo Munson

July 31, 2022 by valhalla Thunfermuffin on Apple Podcasts

Everyday Buddhism: Making Everyday Better