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Oct. 24, 2021

Everyday Buddhism 62 - The Magic Power of Equanimity

Everyday Buddhism 62 - The Magic Power of Equanimity

Standing in The Middle of All This

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I can't stop talking about equanimity. So this episode is about the magic power of equanimity. What is it? Why is it important all the the time, but especially now? And how do we get it?

As I've mentioned in previous episodes, I've been focusing my practice on developing equanimity and compassion. In this episode, I share some of the things that have been helping me find balance and a bit more spaciousness from the "crazy" during this time where I believe we all feel like our lives have been up-ended.

I share six major tips to help you develop equanimity. The first is a foundational support for the rest: Mindful awareness of what causes us to be reactive or what triggers us. The next five are specific tips about our attitude toward the people and pets we love, our stuff, who to avoid, who to stay close to, and the importance of keeping up with your practice.

Reference to the subtitle, "Standing in the Middle of All This", which refers to the compound Pali word,
tatramajjhattata. It is a compound of the words tatra, which is sometimes referred to as "all these things." … And majjha, meaning "middle" … And tata, which means "to stand" or "to pose."