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Oct. 8, 2020

Everyday Buddhism 49 - A Missing Future with David Farley

Everyday Buddhism 49 - A Missing Future with David Farley

Dancing in the Present

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Join me for the first of a series of interviews with podcast listeners on how they are coping with the pandemic. In this episode, David Farley, a travel and food writer who lives in New York City, joins me for a conversation.

David wrote a blog post where he mused about our seeming missing future. He wrote:

We can't envision what life is going to be like in, say, a year or what we'll be doing.... It's seriously anxiety-producing for many of us.... The only way we can maneuver, even survive without eventually imploding, is to change our outlook on life and the world. And reality.

Listen for more of this thoughtful conversation with David where he shares his understanding of Buddhist teachings and his refuge in them. And listen for how you can share what you've learned as an upcoming podcast guest!

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