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Feb. 18, 2019

Everyday Buddhism 23 - Japanese Psychology and Buddhism with Gregg Krech

Everyday Buddhism 23 - Japanese Psychology and Buddhism with Gregg Krech

The Eastern Way to Acceptance, Action, Attention, Gratitude and Self-Reflection

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The "Eastern Way" of psychology offers a profoundly different paradigm than Western psychology. Join me as a talk with Gregg Krech, one of the leading authorities on Japanese Psychology in North America, about this difference.

Using the Buddhist concept of "skillful means", Japanese psychology offers methods to master the skills of acceptance, attention, co-existing with unpleasant feelings, and self-reflection. Rather than talking it out, we can develop skills to cope more effectively with anxiety, depression, anger, shyness, procrastination ... you name it!

Ultimately based on the practical, we can learn how to focus on our purpose and an appropriate response to the needs of each situation, rather than a reaction to our feelings—removing our feelings from the position of "Director" in the play of life.

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