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Jan. 12, 2023

BIRTHDAY BONUS PODCAST: Impermanence with Kaspa Thompson (Inspired by Shan Tao)

BIRTHDAY BONUS PODCAST: Impermanence with Kaspa Thompson (Inspired by Shan Tao)

Busily Engaged in Wordly Matters, We Take No Notice of Our Lives Wearing Away

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Enjoy a special release of a Members Only Feature: Bonus Contemplation Podcasts. These are short podcasts for you to use as subjects for contemplation or analytical meditation.

I've released this contemplation, "Impermanence", as a birthday gift to my podcast audience, in celebration of my 70th birthday. It is by my friend and fellow Buddhist teacher, Kaspa Thompson. It purposely follows the episode, "Navigating Grief and Loss" by Kimberly Brown.

Kaspa directs the Bright Earth with their partner, Satya, and works as a psychotherapist. They has been a Buddhist teacher for more than a decade and has a special interest in outside practice. They are a committee member of the Eco Dharma Network, and Chair of the Network of Buddhist Organisations UK.

I am publicly releasing another bonus podcast, at the same time. It is a reflection on the Five Remembrances and presented by my dear friend and Everyday Buddhism Sangha leader, Bradley Jinaiyo Nussbaum. These bonus contemplation podcasts will be released regularly and presented by myself or some of my Bright Dawn Lay Minister/lay ministry student friends and colleagues.

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